I love figuring out how to help others work more efficiently. This can take many forms: better abstractions, automation, introducing new infrastructure, or re-expressing existing infrastructure as a composition of well-understood systems. I have worked on a wide variety of systems and serve as a leader and/or mentor for my teams. I am now looking for a role where I can force-multiply my experience at a larger scale.


Chameleon Cloud 2018 - 2022

Development and Operations Lead

I was responsible for organizing all development and operations contributions from staff located in multiple facilities; functionally, this role "steers the ship" of a mid-scale research cyberinfrastructure, working closely with the PI (Principal Investigator).

  • Delivered novel testbed platform for edge/IoT research by extending existing OpenStack and Kubernetes components. MVP in 5 months (design and implementation.)
  • Developed open-source packaging of Chameleon systems, monitoring, and operational knowledge (e.g., runbooks, docs), reducing the complexity of deploying a bare metal research testbed to a new host institution.
  • Migrated infrastructure to federated identity, improving onboarding UX for users while decoupling IAM concerns from existing applications. This made it feasible to scale the number of Chameleon deployments nationwide.
  • Developed, maintained, and extended the cloud computing control plane that powers six installations of Chameleon, providing clusters of KVM, bare metal and edge/IoT resources. Worked on a daily basis w/ a wide variety of tools and technologies across systems, networking, and storage.

SoundCloud 2014 - 2018

Tech Lead (Security, User Auth, Anti-Abuse and Corp IT)

  • Identified and mitigated organizational risk in multiple areas (e.g., application security, network security, abuse, insider threat.) Ask me more!
  • Built Terraform framework for IT to migrate on-premises systems to AWS.
  • Transitioned in-house responsible disclosure program to Bugcrowd, which led to more and higher-quality reports.

Senior Engineer, Backend

  • Designed microservice architecture that allowed creators to sign up to receive compensation for their streams.

Senior Engineer, Web

  • Enabled tighter feedback loop between product and engineering by automating staging releases for every GitHub pull request.
  • Removed sources of tech debt by migrating the in-house application bundler to Webpack and introducing a private NPM registry of core libraries, improving code-reuse across web properties.

BandPage 2009 - 2014

Frontend Team Lead

  • Implemented frontend stack for initial product, which supported over 20 million monthly active users on Facebook.
  • Architected custom Javascript UI framework to allow team to meet needs in scalable code and fast iteration, handling persistence, routing, rendering and data management.
  • Guided team through several major refactorings of a large codebase.


Washington University in St. Louis 2005 - 2009

B.S. Computer Science