After four years working up and down the stack at SoundCloud, I’m keen to find new challenges that will really engage my knowledge and extensive experience. Ideally, I would like to continue working in infrastructure and network security, but I’d also be keen to focus more on systems architecture if the right opportunity came along.


Joining SoundCloud as a Web Engineer, I was the first member of the Core Web team responsible for helping scale the complexity of SoundCloud's web applications. Work for this team introduced me to Scala, and I soon moved in to a backend role and helped both with building microservices from the ground-up and maintaining legacy code. I decided to eventually transition to the security team to follow my passion for the challenges in that field.

SoundCloud May 2014 - Present


Presently I am working on deploying LDAP across the SoundCloud infrastructure. Over time I have volunteered for several internal projects across many teams and areas.

  • Architected and built ELK-based log ingestion and analysis pipeline with a focus on syscall auditing across SoundCloud's entire infrastructure.
  • Worked with IT team to rewrite and redeploy on-premises infrastructure to AWS using Terraform.
  • Spear-headed large-scale GitHub org policy changes to reduce risk of credential compromise. Introduced automation to detect and enforce security policies.
  • Triaged and managed responsible disclosure program, developed policies for AWS credential management, and automated various IT and Security daily tasks (such as blocking malicious traffic sources, on and offboarding users, and generating dashboards to deep-dive into alerts.)
  • Leveled up infrastructure and org security by enforcing HTTPS on legacy services and implementing SPF, DKIM, and DMARC on mailing domains.
  • Created automation to deploy staging environments of on every GitHub pull request.
  • Completed wide-scale refactor of BFF for the web clients in order to make it easier and safer for teams to submit patches (and hopefully more fun to work with, too.)
  • Deployed private NPM registry and generalized many common web-specific libraries into reusable NPM modules.
  • Created Selenium test suite infrastructure for running automated acceptance tests on
  • Built microservices to support a self-service experience for creators on SoundCloud to join the monetization program, including legal contract generation and storage and ISRC (unique musical recording identification numbers for global rightsholder audit trail) generation.

BandPage Nov 2009 - May 2014


As sole designer and frontend engineer, I designed and implemented foundations of the BandPage product and later became the Frontend Technical Team Lead.

  • Architected custom Javascript UI framework to allow frontend team to meet needs in scalable code and fast iteration. Framework drove close to 100% of all BandPage user interfaces.
  • Guided team through several major refactorings of a large Javascript codebase in a targeted manner.
  • Wrote and expanded on core Javascript libraries used in all aspects of BandPage's single-page app, including persistence, routing, UI rendering and data management.
  • Implemented entire frontend stack for initial product, which supported over 20 million monthly active users on Facebook.


B.S. Computer Science, Washington University in St. Louis 2005-2009